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Hello, I'm Franky. I love Wikipedia and the only reason I've registered here is to take the encyclopedia's article(s) towards featured status; however, due to lacking of professional skills in English language, it's really very difficult for me to do so.

My interests (in Wikipedia)

I like to work on Indian-related articles for example I like to work on Bollywood, although I'm not fan of it neither I have watched films of it. I like India and Indians and its results are List of awards and nominations received by Vidya Balan and National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor which I have contributed on. Further I'm interested in pop music and the articles relatively. Although presently I'm only working on the lists to make them featured contents, when I find a professional skills in my language, I'll start my works on articles to make them good and then featured articles.

Featured content



Although I've listed some of the singers of new generation except Michael Jackson (who had been of past generation), I also prefer the oldies. The old artists like The Beatles, Prince, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Madonna, Tom Petty and many others have been my favorite so far.

Lady Gaga is the artist whose music has influenced me a lot and according to me her work The Fame is her best work so far.
Katy Perry—the recording artist who has influenced me a lot.