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My interests are being a technology and video game enthusiast, Sons of Norway member, SF/fantasy and comic book reader, TV watcher, contributing to Wikipedia and being an amateur photographer.

I work as an electrical engineer in Jacksonville, Florida.

My social media content can be found on Google+ or on Twitter.

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Makhtesh Ramon

Makhtesh Ramon, a cirque measuring 40 kilometres (25 mi) long, 2–10 kilometres (1.2–6.2 mi) wide, and 500 metres (1,600 ft) deep, is the world's largest makhtesh. It is located in Israel's Negev desert, some 85 kilometres (53 mi) south of Beersheba. The makhtesh and surrounding area are home to only one settlement, Mitzpe Ramon, and together form Israel's largest national park.

Photograph: Andrew Shiva
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1 The Human Division 2013-04-10
2 2013 Webby Awards 2013-05-01
3 Angry Birds Friends 2013-06-06
4 Tiny Thief 2013-08-20
5 Qualcomm Toq 2013-09-05
6 Angry Birds Star Wars II 2013-09-12
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11 The Room Two 2014-01-02
12 Word Monsters 2014-03-31
13 Rogues (anthology) 2014-04-17
14 2014 Webby Awards 2014-05-01
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16 Ambronite 2014-05-23
17 LG G Watch 2014-06-27
18 Plunder Pirates 2014-07-08
19 Lock In 2014-08-26
20 72nd Golden Globe Awards 2014-12-09

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1 Amazon Kindle
2 Angry Birds (the entire series)
3 Marvel Heroes
4 Samsung Galaxy S4
5 Barnes & Noble Nook
6 Rovio Entertainment
7 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
8 List of most popular websites

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