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I am from New Zealand, but now study classics at Oxford. I've been on wikipedia and wiktionary since mid 2004 with varying levels of activity. These days, I'm mostly just translating interesting articles from the Italian and German wikipediae in order to keep my reading skills up to scratch. I try for one a day - if you see an article you want translated, let me know.

Translated from German[edit]

Athena relief of Sömek, Campana reliefs, Council of Frankfurt, Helm of Cannae, German royal election, 1002, Grave Relief for Eutaxia and Artemisios, Historischer Kunstbunker, Laudegg Castle, Royal palace of Werla, Palace of Theoderic, Ptoion, Rudolf Hercher, St. Patroclus' Cathedral, Soest, Subiaco Dams, Vertault relief, Wheel Chandelier, Winged Gorgoneion (Olympia B 110), Youth of Magdalensberg


Aachen Cathedral, (Aachen Cathedral Treasury, (Aachen Altar, Aachen Gospels (Ada School), Bust of Charlemagne, Liuthar Gospels, Noli me tangere Casket, Persephone sarcophagus), Aachen Throne, Ambon of Henry II, Barbarossa chandelier, Karlsschrein, Marienschrein, Master of the Aachen Altar), Aachen penny of Charlemagne, Synods of Aachen (816-819)

Ancient Egypt[edit]

Sayala Mace, Stela of Akhenaten and his family, Throne of Princess Sitamun, Tomb of Tutankhamun (Anubis Shrine, Head of Nefertem)

Antikensammlung Berlin[edit]

Fragment from the tomb of Nikarete, Grave relief of Thraseas and Euandria‎, Neck Amphora by Exekias (Berlin F 1720)

Athens, National Archaeological Museum[edit]

Melian pithamphora (Horses Amphora, Rider Amphora)


Bremen Exchange, Domshof, St. John's Church, Bremen


Monomachus Crown


Essen Minster, Essen Cathedral Treasury (Cross of Mathilde, Cross of Otto and Mathilde, Cross of Theophanu, Essen Crown, Senkschmelz Cross), Mathilde, Abbess of Essen


Aegidientorplatz, Gartenfriedhof (Open Grave, Hanover), Warmbüchenviertel


Hildesheim Cathedral (Azelin chandelier, Baptismal font (Hildesheim), Bernward Column, Bernward Doors, Bernward Monument, Cross of Bernward, Hezilo chandelier, Hildesheim Reliquary of Mary, Inkpot Madonna, Rich Bernward Gospels, Tomb of Bruno the Priest, Wrisberg epitaph


Group of Zeus and Ganymede

Ottonian illumination[edit]

Sacramentary of Henry II, Seeon Evangeliary

Imperial Regalia[edit]

Imperial Cross, Sabre of Charlemagne


Himeros (Parthian), Mithridates II of Parthia, Phraates II of Parthia


Baalberge group, clay drum (archaeology), Paul Grimm (Prehistorian), Salzmünde group

Staatliche Antikensammlungen[edit]

Dionysus cup


Martin von Wagner Museum (Brygos cup of Würzburg, Four seasons altar of Würzburg, Mamarce Oinochoe)

Translated from Italian[edit]

Bolzano Bellunese, Castra Albana, Diptych of Boethius, Diptych of the Lampadii, German and Sarmatian campaigns of Constantine, Situla of the Pania, Size of the Roman army,Veiled Christ


Arch of Alexander Severus, Arch of Augustus (Aosta), Arch of Augustus (Fano), Arch of Augustus (Rimini), Arch of Augustus (Susa)‎, Arch of Cabanes, Arch of Caracalla (Djémila), Arch of Caracalla (Thebeste), Arch of Hadrian (Capua), Arch of Trajan (Ancona), Arch of Trajan (Canosa), Arch of Trajan (Timgad), Arch of Malborghetto, Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Etruscan Arch

Magna Graeca[edit]

Heraion at the Mouth of the Sele, Tavole Palatine, Temple of Athena (Paestum)


Bearded Slave, Rebellious Slave, Young Slave


Akrai, Morgantina Treasure, Selinunte (Temple C (Selinus), Temple E (Selinus), [Temple F (Selinus)]]), Temple of Apollo (Syracuse), Temple of Victory (Himera), Valle dei Templi (Temple of Juno, Agrigento, Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Temple of Heracles, Agrigento)


Biagio Pace, Carlo Anti, Ettore Gabrici, Francesco Acri, Mario Alicata, Paolo Alatri

Valle d'Aosta[edit]

Ayas, Aosta Valley, Évançon, Verrès Castle

Translated from French[edit]

Les Adieux de Cinq-Mars, Arch of Campanus, Dancers of Delphi, Diana of Gabii, Dinos of the Gorgon Painter, Head of Arles, Judgement of Paris Amphora, Vettersfelde Treasure

Translated from Spanish[edit]


Actually written by me[edit]

2nd century BC, 1st century BC, Kouprey, Simuwu Ding