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Hi. I am a self proclaimed recent changes "patroller". Trolls fear me.

It is currently

  LED digit 5.pngLED colon.pngLED digit 3.pngLED digit 8.pngLED am.png

where I live.

Please understand I will not be responding in the middle of the night :)

Also my stress level is currently

Wikistress3D 1 v3.jpg

Please take that into account before contacting me. Just note it takes a lot to get me stressed out.

About Me[edit]

I started this account on wikipedia on October 22, 2012. I removed a vandalism edit on March 14, 2013 to page Faggoting (metalworking) which was my first start to removing vandalism. I am still currently in highschool and live in New England area. My username is kind of silly but it comes from when I was learning about video compositing and editing (Yes I know it is dumb). fyc was the name of a group my friends made in video games. It is probably easy to guess what it stands for (again... very dumb). I took "after" from "Adobe After Effects" and "pro" from "Final Cut Pro by Apple." I mashed the words together to get fycafterpro which I think seems ok even though some people pronounce it fy-cafter-pro when it should be pronounce f-y-c-after-pro but I digress.

I decided to start editing wikipedia after people at my school started vandalizing pages. I would go in under my pseudonym and remove them (hehe) because I cared about what other people saw on the other end. I have always tried to think about other people when it comes to content. I do not want to see false facts, false statements, or vandalism on pages. It just gives wikipedia more shame for not being "reliable" when I think it is reliable.

To be honest I am the least creative person you will ever meet but I make up in that aspect through my diligence, determination, and precision. Give me a plan, template, or design path and I can create anything you want. Ask me to create a template or storyboard and I get stuck.

I currently have over a thousand edits and plan to contribute to Wikipedia for as long as the site is alive. I may not add much new information to articles but like I said I make up for it through removing hundreds of edits of vandalism.

I am interested in computer science and particularly computer graphics. I know java, python, and a little of c++ and by knowing I mean I can read it and understand what is going on, maybe not able to write a perfect program though. Computer graphics is still hard to learn considering it uses Calculus 3 when I am only learning calculus 1 but I enjoy creating images from text.

I love to play video games for fun and enjoy the people I meet and the friends I make just from playing them.

You may also see me under the pseudonym bobd432. However I will never edit under this name and I will also never create an account on wikipedia under this name.

Contacting Me[edit]

Please do not edit this page. Instead contact me here

Also if you are wondering why I removed an edit of yours please take a look at the sidebar for Wikipedia guidelines.

Mobile Phone[edit]

If you wish to contact me by text message or phone I can be reached at 774-238-7694
Please note:

  • I may or may not answer your call/text
  • If you leave me a voicemail I will try to respond by text
  • I may or may not call or text you back
  • The number is located inside the US
  • Text messages are always preferred
  • Because of Google voice I cannot receive calls and messages from outside US and Canada
  • This is a Google voice number. Not my actual phone number
  • Abuse of this service will result in your phone number being blocked from calling or texting me
  • Use this as a way to talk about issues with me or a way to have some friendly conversations about things on Wikipedia. Do not however use this to discuss things that must happen on Wikipedia. For example
do not use number to contest your article nominated for speedy deletion. Instead use form on Wikipedia
  • I can change this phone number at any time so signing me up for ads will: 1. Get filtered out by Google spam or 2. Or result in me simply changing my phone number and updating this page
  • If you do not believe that is my phone number look at photo I took here. You still have to trust that it is me on the other end which I can assure you it is

Awards and Barnstars[edit]

A barnstar for you![edit]

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
For all your anti-vandalism work. Skr15081997 (talk) 15:49, 18 March 2014 (UTC)