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Fylbecat's Space[edit]

Coon LolCat.jpg
Gato Cat.jpg This user is a WikiCat, so please don't disturb them during their catnaps.
x′ This user hasn't eaten since later this afternoon.
DS This user knows you can't fight in the War Room. Ivy explosion.JPG
Lolcat - I'll get you for this.png I can speakz LOLCAT! - kthxbai!
Peace symbol.svg This user does not understand mean people. Please be nice.
Drawn heart.svg This user appreciates WikiLove.
Kindness Campaign This user is a member of the Kindness Campaign.

wd-5 WikiDefcon Level is Unusually Low.
2.2CVS / 2.0RPM according to DefconBot

Wiki gryphon.svg This user is a WikiGryphon, guardian of treasures; protector from evil, witchcraft and secret slander.
The End Book.png This user has been to the end of Wikipedia. Have you?

Colours reflected from a thin water film depending on thickness and angle of incidence.png

This user's favorite color is ultraviolet.
No Religion.svg This user believes any universe would be a happier, safer and saner place if there were no religion.

Political chart.svg According to the political compass this user is Economic Left (-5.9) and Social Libertarian (-8.2).
This user is addicted to BLURRED LINES ツ. Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Cover.svg
Citizen Mira - Monk (by).jpg This user has been owned by cats, but is now a free human.
Illustration of Atropa Belladonna Wellcome L0076923.jpg This user contributes to the
Suicide task force.
Nucleus ER.png This user is a member of WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Cat03.jpg This user is a member of WikiProject Cats.
Resonator Style0.jpg This user is a member of WikiProject Musicians.
VikidiaLogo1.png This user proudly edits English Vikidia.
Stratocaster detail DSC06937.jpg This user is a part of WikiProject Alternative music.
Treble clef 2.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Music.
Wikiproject U2.jpg This user is a member of the U2 WikiProject
Wikipedia-logo-simple.png This user helps make Simple English Wikipedia better.
Tutnum2.jpg This editor is a Grand Tutnum and is entitled to display this Book of Knowledge with Coffee Cup Stain.
Lynx stalking. Can haz prey...

Blue duck[edit]


happy pills at work[edit]

Cat Nap (4872118995).jpg

kitten barnstar[edit]

Kitten's friend barnstar.png Catexperiment.svg

Russia Hates Dogs (Part 6 - Laika).png
Limonchik, I know you are not going to come back...but try to be a good girl.
Eternal memory, Laika, little barker.
3 November 1957

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