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  • Remove subgenus from species download lists
  • Replace "[" with "(" in WoMRS sources



Till September[edit]


Till December[edit]

Till August[edit]

Till May[edit]


Till September[edit]

Till April[edit]

  • Run Ganeshbot on Tamil Wiki. On 1st run, Ganeshbot created 272 articles in Tamil wiki. It helped tawiki cross 5000 articles on October 20, 2006. Waiting for translations for additional bot runs.
  • Work on Crzrussian's request [3] Asked
  • Add importance parameters for workgroups.
  • Add Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh workgroups
  • Fix peer-review issue
  • Check out source code of User:WatchlistBot



  • Reply to PlumCouch
  • Send out newletters on WP:INO. Delete the newsalert page per Rama's request.
  • Add top and bottom to postion parameter in Location map
  • Citation tags in criticism section of Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Request a new CSS class for small templates [4]
  • Ability to add comments even for FAs
  • Tag talk pages with {{Mergefromganeshbot}}
  • Add assessment feature to Hinduism project template. [5]

Till October[edit]

  • Deprecate {{Infobox_district_KAR}} template [6] Completed changes in Jurisdiction. Need to replace old references.
  • Deprecate {{Infobox District India}} template - Added missing param. Need to replace
  • Add missing fields from Kollam to Jurisdiction infobox.
  • Add portal-picture for India portal
  • Add assessment datetimestamp. [7]
  • Add category for articles with comments.
  • Add project cats to assessment cats of sub-groups.
  • Add "by quality" cats to sub-groups
  • Update usage for the new paramters added (Portal, Needed, maps, map-needed, image-needed, group-portal-picture(1-5), portaldykdate)
  • Add cats for Tamil Nadu
  • Add project banner support for Goa
  • Multi-location clickable Indian map [8] - Location map and Infobox Sheffield place
  • Add additional parameters from Trains project
  • Add maps=yes parameter
  • Add group-portal-picture(1-5) parameters
  • Add portal class to the project banner
  • Add Taluk paramers to Template:Infobox Indian urban area.
  • Deprecate {{Infobox Capital IN}} template
  • Deprecate {{Wikiproject Indian cinema}} template
  • Add failed INCOTW nom to {{WP India}} template
  • Create Riders for Health - African agency helping fight AIDS [9]
  • Add workgroup's statistic to navigation bar using switch
  • Incorporate a WP:INCINE navigation bar into WP:IND's nav bar.
  • Respond to Chez. [10]
  • Ability to categorize Templates and categories at the work-group level. Right now they are showing unassessed.
  • Don't assign Importance to Templates, categories. - Can be done using importance=NA
  • Add group-portal-list1,2,3,4,5, selected list paramters to the project banner