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Could someone vandalize my userpage, please? It would be funny.

I am more of a Wikipedia reader than I am an editor. I am a bit addicted by just reading articles. I can find that I have lost hours simply reading through articles. When I do edit, it will usually be through my home or college IP addresses. I am addicted to Gaiaonline. I use the same username (obviously with a different password) for my main account there. You probably will not see any trends in the types of articles that I edit. I randomly browse through Wikipedia simply reading articles for fun, and I edit when I come across something that needs to be edited.

Well, I am contributing a bit more with the account now. Mostly just fixing minor errors and things like that. (╬ ಠ益ಠ) I almost always use an edit summary. You should, too! :D


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heavy metal music.

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Asperger syndrome.

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After a Long Time Editing on IP[edit]

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