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About Me

"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them." -Isaac Asimov

Hailing from Bramhall in Cheshire, I moved to Luton in 1998 and currently reside in Leagrave. The town of Luton and its surrounds has interested me ever since.

I'm interested in adding to and expanding on a variety of articles, including those relating to areas of Luton and Beds, as well as famous and influential people from Luton. In particlur people and events associated with its industrial past.

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Nuvola filesystems www.png My Travels

Countries I have visited:
Andorra Austria Belgium England France Germany India Madeira Morocco Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Philippines Flag of the Netherlands.svg Portugal Scotland Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Wales

Places I wish to visit:
Argentina Brazil Canada Finland Iceland Hong Kong Norway Peru Singapore Thailand USA

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Wikimedia Foundation

Pages of interest

Some of the pages I have been involved with, as well as several pages I have started off....

Luton Town Hall, George Street, Luton

Pages I plan to create

Did You Know

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Coelioxys sodalis

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