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About Me[edit]

I devote most of my time to making minor edits on pages I come across. Perhaps some day I shall make more substantial contributions, once I am less bewildered by the scope and idiosyncrasies of the 'pedia and its community.

Oh, and I really like userboxes.

Interesting Articles[edit]

The following is a brief collection of Wikipedia articles that I find interesting, amusing, or both. The list will grow as I discover more pages that attract my attention.

Current Works-in-Progress[edit]

These are articles that I'm working on when I get free time. I'm trying to be bold!

Other Userpages[edit]

  • Моя страница на Википедия – это место
  • Ma page sur le Wikipédia français: içi

My Excessive Collection of Userboxes[edit]


Wikipedia & Me

Who Am I?

Assorted Whimsy