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Salve! I'm an Anthropology and Classical Antiquity major at the University of Kansas. While I love my academic studies, I mostly use this account for spiffing up pop culture-related pages. I'm a big music, The Office, The X-Files, and Adventure Time fan, and, as you can probably tell from my GA activity, I'm trying to spiff up a lot of articles that relate to these areas. I'm a member of The X-Files Project, and I am trying to get as many episode articles up to GA status as I can! I also contribute to articles on Latin, archaeology, anthropology, and history now and then.

Some miscellanea about my editing preferences: I love the Oxford comma, I tend to write my dates in the "month day, year" format (September 26, 1992, for example), I prefer the use of BC/AD to BCE/CE (for reasons that Carol Delaney argues here), and I think that logical punctuation not only looks better but makes more sense.

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