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311 South Wacker Willis Tower Chicago Board of Trade Building 111 South Wacker AT&T Corporate Center Kluczynski Federal Building CNA Center Chase Tower Three First National Plaza Mid-Continental Plaza Richard J. Daley Center Chicago Title and Trust Center 77 West Wacker Pittsfield Building Leo Burnett Building The Heritage at Millennium Park Crain Communications Building IBM Plaza One Prudential Plaza Two Prudential Plaza Aon Center Blue Cross and Blue Shield Tower 340 on the Park Park Tower Olympia Centre 900 North Michigan John Hancock Center Water Tower Place Harbor Point The Parkshore North Pier Apartments Lake Point Tower Jay Pritzker Pavilion Buckingham Fountain Lake Michigan Lake Michigan Lake MichiganThe skyline of a city with many large skyscrapers; in the foreground are a green park and a lake with many sailboats moored on it. Over 30 of the skyscrapers and some park features are labeled.
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Proud Citizen of the U.S.A.

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Wiki-newbie? I can help

Member since 06 November 2008. Rollbacker; Article Reviewer; Copy Editor; Newbie Helper and Article Merger. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL; currently residing in San Antonio, Texas. I have visited/resided/worked in 47 of the 50 United State.


I have had a varied and eclectic work and educational background.

My educational background includes major interests in History; Biology; Latin; Astronomy; and Advertising.

I was a BASIC and Visual Basic programmer back in the day. I have had life-long interests in, and worked as an entertainer (including stage, Radio, and TV Acting; and still periodically perform as a Radio and Mobile DJ). I am a published Genealogist.

I have owned my own businesses; and I have worked in corporate America as well as small business enterprises. I wrote corporate newsletters and contributed to local and national newspapers, retail catalogs, and broadcast media early in my career. This entailed a working knowledge of grammar, proper punctuation, and newspaper/newsletter/catalog lay-out (including graphic, table, and picture placements). As an active Steinologist, I am a true believer of its basic precepts.

On Wikipedia, a hobby of mine, history is a very strong interest, as is copy editing and reliable referencing (re.: checks, creation, and inclusions). Other Wikipedia interests include:

  • Merging multiple articles into one cohesive and informative article.
  • Creation of Wikipedia articles with meaningful content;
  • Historically accurate place names and dating;
  • Proper grammar, punctuation, and written English;
  • The War of Independence—(or "American Revolutionary War" for you Brits);
  • Colonial, national, territorial and state border developments;
  • Accurate biographical and immediate family information of article subject(s);
  • Illinois; North Carolina; Tennessee; Texas;
  • Colonial America and Native American interaction;
  • Helping new articles/editors get off the ground;
  • Geographical changes or events;



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I no longer create Categories, as I am repeatedly told that Lists are more informative, as once again one of my categories is getting deleted. I should think, then, that categories are highly redundant and should simply be abandoned as an encyclopedic tool here; they should then all be replaced by a system of List Articles. GenQuest "Talk to Me"

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The dedication plaque for the Savannah, Hardin Co., TN courthouse which is dedicated to Col. Joseph Hardin


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