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Wiki work[edit]

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Barnstar-life.png The Barnstar of Life
For your contributions to University of California, Riverside. Danny Lilithborne 02:10, 3 September 2006 (UTC)
Editors Barnstar.png The Editor's Barnstar
Your masterful cleanup of W. V. Grant, adhering strictly to our Verifiability and Neutral point of view policies in the midst of heated conflict, have earned you this shiny token of appreciation. Keep up the great work! – Quadell (talk) 13:30, 4 August 2011 (UTC)
Team Barnstar Hires.png The Teamwork Barnstar
For your team spirit at improving on Grammarly. —JOHNMOORofMOORLAND (talk) 16:36, 1 May 2013 (UTC)
Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
For the Berlin Images. Sfan00 IMG (talk) 20:31, 29 September 2013 (UTC)

Most recent contributions in Article Space[edit]

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Background and peccadillos[edit]

Flag of California.svg
LosAngeles06.jpg This user lives in or hails from Los Angeles.
Male.svg This user is male.
UCR This user attends or attended the
University of California, Riverside
Newspaper This user reads the Los Angeles Times.
Newspaper This user reads the Mountain Enterprise.
San prospero colonne reggio emilia.jpg This user is a history buff.
Comic-sketch.jpg This user enjoys comics.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Seal of the President of the United States.svg This user was born during the Herbert Hoover administration.
Exquisite-Modem.png This user remembers using
a rotary dial telephone.
Braun HF 1.jpg This user remembers when television programming was only in black-and-white.

Style conceits[edit]

ANAL 4 This user advocates good grammar usage.
he or she
This user considers the singular they to be substandard English usage.
since This user dislikes the use of since to mean because.
mankind This user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
, This user fixes comma splices. They are annoying.
to¦go This user chooses to sometimes use split infinitives.
big words This user opposes the use of esoteric, abstruse and recondite big words in Wikipedia articles when simple ones will do.
which & that This user knows how to use which and that correctly.
less & fewer This user understands the difference between less & fewer.
; This user knows how to use a semicolon correctly.
“,;:’ This user is a punctuation stickler.

Personal information[edit]

This editor is a retired journalist and tenured journalism professor with a bachelor's degree in government and a master of arts in journalism. He has worked for daily newspapers and in government (as well as international) public information. He has been editing Wikipedia since March 19, 2006. He has been chair of mass communications departments at more than one four-year university (that means two, I guess).


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