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Global Intelligence Alliance[edit]

Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) is a strategic Market Intelligence and advisory group that was formed in 1995. Its founders include specialists in Market Intelligence and management consulting, industry analysts and technology experts.

The company offers a range of customized solutions that are namely targeted at heads of Strategic Planning, Marketing, Business Development, Market Intelligence or Competitive Intelligence, Research & Development, Product Management, and Supply Chain Management. These include Monitoring Services, Strategic Analysis, Rapid Response Research, Intelligence software and Workshops.

GIA Group has 12 own offices around the world and work for large international companies. Through the network of GIA Member companies, GIA’s services cover over 100 countries.

GIA regularly publishes White Papers and global surveys [1] on intelligence-related topics.

GIA Group’s own offices[edit]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Chicago, US
Essen, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
Hong Kong, China

Johannesburg, South Africa

London, UK

Mumbai, India

New York, US

Shanghai, China


Toronto, Canada

GIA’s industry expertise areas[edit]

Construction & Property Development
Consumer & Retail
Energy, Resources & Environment
Financial Services
Private Equity
Logistics & Transportation
Manufacturing & Industrial
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
Telecommunication, Technology & Media

The intelligence industry[edit]

The business information industry hosts a wide range of sub-industries of which “intelligence” is one of the most ambiguous, terminology-wise. The discipline of systematically monitoring and analyzing one’s operating environment for accurate and confident decision making is frequently referred to as either Market Intelligence (MI), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Business Intelligence (BI) or even competitor analysis or market research. Some companies methodically use several of these terms in-house to describe the different activities under business information management, while others have chosen one overarching term to translate as anything that has to do with “keeping the organization’s radar out”.


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