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About me[edit]

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Gidonb is in his sparse free-time much engaged in writing, dispute resolution, consensus building, extensive categorizing and addressing of POV and vandalism at the English-language Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. See here an example how a page with important information can be preserved after we reach an agreement.

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Creating a first or better balance in many articles, I managed to include the Holocaust permanently on the Germany page, an inclusion that was previously contested as "POV" with the use of sock-puppets. Also it was often eroded because of "lack of space". I am engaged in many other human rights issues around the globe and in culture and arts.

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In recent years I detected several hoaxes, including a dormant hoax system of multiple articles and edits around Gal Vardi who was supposedly buried on the Hiria (the best known garbage dump in Israel). The hoax described a completely unknown Israeli general and his army unit who committed some of the worst possible war crimes.

It can get worse than this. While I was addressing POV-pushing, a promoter of conspiracy theories got so angry at me that at times he accused me of no less than participation in murder, assistance to murder or cover-up for murder. He even invented a new conspiracy theory whereby a politician (now a retired president) he blames in his theories pays me for my work at Wikipedia. I wish it was true ;-) In short, never a dull moment...

The pictures were kindly sent to me by Dakota, Buchanan-Hermit, Juliancolton, Tomer, and UkPaolo.