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Boston, Massachusetts

Hello! I run Mac OS X on an Unibody MacBook Pro, and use Google Chrome. As of March 12, 2014, I am 1859th on the list of Wikipedians by number of edits. I am also an administrator, feel free to ask me if you need any help!

I have a Meta account, located here. I'm reachable by email, but please limit it to conversations which must be kept private, or if you cannot communicate via my talk page. Also, if I'm not online, this is a list of friendly people who may be of help. Thanks!

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Lewis Hamilton

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Recent deaths: Mike Nichols Alexander Grothendieck Ken Takakura

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A Haflinger mare and foal

The Haflinger is a horse breed developed in Austria and northern Italy during the late 19th century. Relatively small and chestnut in color, they were developed for use in mountainous terrain and are known for their hardiness. The breed traces its ancestry to the Middle Ages, and their current conformation and appearance come from infusions of bloodlines from Arabian and various European breeds into the original native Tyrolean ponies. All Haflingers can trace their lineage to a foundation sire born in 1874. The two World Wars and the Great Depression had a detrimental effect on the breed. In the postwar era the Haflinger was indiscriminately crossed with other breeds, but from 1946 breeders focused on producing purebred Haflingers. Interest in the breed increased in other countries, and numbers grew. In 2003 a Haflinger became the first horse to be cloned, resulting in a filly named Prometea. Haflingers have many uses, including light draft, harness work, and various under-saddle disciplines. They are also used by the Austrian and German armies in rough terrain. The World Haflinger Federation, a confederation of 22 national registries, controls breed standards. (Full article...)

Recently featured: Franklin Pierce – History of the National Hockey League (1917–42) – Sega 32X

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Representation of the bombardment of Salé by Théodore de Gudin

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