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A beautiful photo: Mui Ne harbour

I have been active on Wikipedia for one and a half year as User:Soczyczi (2007-2008), but in the end I was fed up with the unpronouncable and meaningless name. Glatisant has superseded Soczyczi.

(The Once and Future King contains a character from which I took my name).

Another Tip of the moment...

How to make links look the way you want

A piped link is a link that is labeled differently from the name of the page it links to, using the "|" character.

For example, to change the appearance of the link to "Orange (colour)", try this:

[[Orange (colour)|the color orange]]

will show: the color orange

Read more: The piped link

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To add this template to your user page, use {{Totd-random}}.

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