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What Irks Me[edit]

I've got nothing better to use this page for these days, so I'll use it to list things that get on my nerves as they pop up. Enjoy, or don't enjoy. Read, or don't read.

  1. Editors who take this website WAY too seriously. Listen, none of us get paid to be here. As volunteer editors, we obviously should to be working towards making these articles better. If you get emotionally invested in any kind of work or discussion, if you spend time looking for fights on here, please, close down the computer and go enjoy something in your life in the real world. It's so lame to take anything on here too seriously.
  2. Admin wanna-bees, admin hopefuls, etc. I went through this phase, just like a lot of people. I'm pretty sure in my early years I pranced around trying to be an angel in discussions, closing AfD's when I had no idea what I was doing, voting in RfA's "per nom" just to get my name out there, talking in discussions about how "RfA" is broken just to convince everyone to make adminship easier to get, because it's the ultimate prize on here, right? Wrong. I promise, to all of you admin hopefuls, you'll enjoy editing a lot more when you're not trying to please everyone and don't view becoming an admin as your goal here. Adminship is NOT at all what it's cracked up to be. It truly is a thankless job. Sure, it'd be nice to have 100 people say they support you and talk about how great of an editor you are. But it's not going to happen anytime soon, so please stop trying to impress everybody. If you think we all don't see right through you, you're wrong. An admin hopeful is one of the easiest things to spot out. And if you're reading this right now and have that strange feeling that I may be talking about you... that feeling means yes, this does relate to you. I also think a lot of this has to do with age/maturity. Turn your goals from passing an RfA to passing articles through FAC, GAN, etc.
  3. Newbies. I'll do my best with you guys, but I'm really not here to serve as a trainer for new editors. I'm here to do some editing, not babysit.
  4. Tagging. This might be the biggest one. I don't agree with tags on Wikipedia in the first place. I think they're absolutely useless. We don't recruit ANY new editors by placing a large ugly box above an article saying "this article needs more sources". I'd be fine with these tags on the article talk pages, but on the top of the article, or citation needed tags all throughout the article… it's just so bad looking. Instead of tagging left and right, take five minutes and look for the sources you need to cite something, or re-word the part of the text that isn't neutrally worded. It's truly not that hard.