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"'It's better to fix an article than to complain about it'."
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To do list


The following are articles I have initiated, please feel free to discuss on my talk page and feel free to edit, contribute & collaborate:

Franciscan Ceramics | Catalina Pottery | Pacific Pottery | Rupert Deese | Vernon Kilns | California Pottery

Articles I have expanded[edit]

Please feel free to discuss on my talk page and if you would like to collaborate:

Gladding, McBean | Bauer Pottery | Metlox Pottery | Edith Heath | Tableware | Studio pottery | Pickard China | Baccarat (company) | Hermès | Ink Dish

My redlinks[edit]

Future articles I have completed research on. Please feel free to discuss on my talk page and if you would like to collaborate on the following articles:

Ceramic companies: Interpace/International Pipe and Ceramics

US/California Ceramists: Francis Chun | Dora De Larios | George T. James

About me[edit]

After having researched the history of California pottery (ceramics), specializing in the history of Southern California potteries for thirty odd years, I will be contributing my knowledge of ceramics, ceramic artists & designers to Wikipedia. I am a writer and researcher. I will not use my own published works as citations for articles if other sources are available. I am well aware, and abide to all WP:COI (conflict of interest) and WP:NOR (no original research) Wikipedia guidelines & policies.

Areas of knowledge and expertise[edit]

California and US studio ceramic movements & artists 1945-1980; Ceramic manufacturers worldwide; Southern California ceramic industry 1870-1980; 20th to 21st century tabletop - tableware, dinnerware & glassware.

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