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I am a male Indian (stay in Bangalore, India) user and infrequent contributor to English Wikipedia.

My username originates from my favourite sportsperson, Diego Maradona (the god of the 1986 Football World Cup in Mexico).

I am very interested in sports (Cricket, Football/Soccer, Boxing and Athletics), light entertainment (popular movies and music) and Indian politics. Am a voracious reader, and have been building up a formidable collection of sports-based literature at home.

I will try to primarily cover lesser known Indian characters (real and fictional) and events, and will be covering sportspeople and other entertainers from the early Twentieth-Century India.

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Articles Created[edit]

Suresh Biswas, a nineteenth century Indian Adventurer.
Tulsidas Balaram, one of the greatest footballers from India.
Priyanath Bose, the pioneer of Indian Circus acts.
Professor Shonku, the first set of short stories with Professor Shonku, by Satyajit Ray
Gour Kishore Ghosh, a celebrated bengali writer-journalist.


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St. Vincent's High and Technical School
Mithun Chakraborty
Feludar Goendagiri
Professor Shanku