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I've created about 49 articles - not including simple splits, disambigs, redirects or transwikis. This list is more reliable than that created by tools because they include the latter (even redirects, if they become articles or disambigs later), and also they can overcount or undercount articles which have since moved or changed subject.

Started from scratch[edit]

Usually I give articles a decent start with a few paragraphs, references, external links and perhaps a picture; a few articles were longer. Initially I didn't - in the early days of Wikipedia, stubs and even substubs (single sentence articles) were acceptable, but the entry barrier for new articles is quite high now - they need to be of good quality from the very start (which is quite hard on Wikipedia newcomers).

  1. Herzog Zwei
  2. koru
  3. tenebrescence
  4. tugtupite
  5. Phantom mobile device vibration — see my essay on my userpage about how this was deleted three times before the fourth re-creation was kept (under the title phantom ringing). A good example of the entry barrier.
  6. ICO (video game)
  7. PaRappa the Rapper 2 (video game)
  8. Lizardman
  9. Chaos (Warhammer)
  10. Plane (Dungeons & Dragons)
  11. Locathah
  12. Prime Material plane
  13. Outer plane
  14. Inner plane
  15. Plane of existence
  16. Celestial bureaucracy
  17. Lanchester's laws
  18. Bag of holding
  19. Dark Sucker Theory (joke, now at Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense)
  20. The Lord of the Rings (film) (joke, now at Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense)
  21. Ysgard
  22. Cube 2: Hypercube
  23. TSR logos (list of images, now merged to TSR, Inc.)
  24. Boots of speed (merged to Seven-league boots)
  25. Dragon turtle
  26. Magic of Dungeons & Dragons
  27. List of Greek mythological creatures
  28. Druid (Dungeons & Dragons)
  29. Starbreeze Studios
  30. Oasis (video game)
  31. Passive dynamics
  32. LiftPort Group
  33. Stranglehold (game)
  34. Twinjet and trijet (stubs)
  35. Good Operating Practice (now merged with best practice)
  36. Khvanchkara (stub)
  37. Jama'at-ud-Da'wah (now renamed to Jamaat-ud-Dawa, content merged to Lashkar-e-Taiba)
  38. Shuhari
  39. Illicit Streetwear
  40. Barefoot running
  41. Intellisample
  42. Laser peening
  43. Steeple Rock (stub)
  44. Zephyrometer


Articles I've created using some content from other articles include:

  1. anti-reflective screen (now renamed glossy display) - from CrystalBrite, Crystal view, Crystal View, and X-Brite, along with the redirects for the other brand names
  2. method of loci - from mnemonic method of loci, mnemonic#History of Mnemonics, memory palace, mnemonic journey system, and loci method
  3. Logical Disk Manager - from Logical disk manager, Dynamic disk and Windows 2000#Basic and dynamic disk storage
  4. Travelling gnome prank - from Gnome, Where is my Gnome? and Garden Gnome Liberation Front
  5. Multirotor - from Quadrotor