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Hi readers,

This is my wiki page about my Wikipedia work.

My contributions have been on regional geology, Ediacaran Fossils, telecommunications, Frisian history, gases, hydrides, extreme astrophysics and Hong Kong. Plus I do a bit of redirect creation, articles for contribution and vandalism reversion.

Currently I am working on chemistry articles, and longer term the Geology of the New England Fold Belt, which will have several articles. I can be found at the Science Reference desk. On admin jobs, I specialize in blocking spambots revealed at My block reasons are at User:Graeme Bartlett/spambots. I also speedy delete pictures and articles near the end of the alphabet. But I also do a bit of blocking and protection and undeletion, or enabling AWB. I am an online ambassador for Education Program:Louisiana State University/Development of the Terrestrial Planets (Spring 2014) and Education Program:Johns Hopkins University/Molecular Biology, Section 82 (SP14). Last year I was an online ambassador for Education Program:Louisiana State University/GEOL 4066: Plate Tectonics (Fall 2013), Education Program:University of Michigan/CHEM 540 (Fall 2013) and Education Program:University of Waterloo/Recent Advances in Quantum Information (Fall 2013)

My second account is User:Graeme 2 for use from less safe terminals while I am on a break.

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Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Graeme Bartlett

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Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Free androgen index
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Frisian pages
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Geology pages
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Chemistry pages
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Australian pages
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Astronomy pages
+User:Graeme Bartlett/Hong Kong pages
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