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Committed identity: 3a005057393e258fca8ba8f60fdde28686f8a249 2013-06-15 sha1 is a SHA-1 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

linenoise 22:57:09 up 196 days, 9:37, 23 users, load average: 0.64, 0.73, 0.72

warning: high error correction rate in memory module 4 at 0x7f51cc1bb000, possible failure

error: opening /usr/simon/.profile failed: EXDEV, Invalid cross-device link

error: opening /usr/simon/.calendar failed: EDQUOT, Disk quota exceeded

linenoise% ls

error: opening /usr/simon/īŪ‹qĖˇˇ…%>ö¸‰Ä½Ł failed: EBADRQC, Invalid request code



linenoise% fs check /usr

running online fsck for /usr (3 devices) in background

linenoise% whois +follow @wikimedia/grawity

displaying information about user-id grawity in domain wikimedia

found user-id Grawity at

  • user-id: Grawity (local 491491, global 6150 via CentralAuth)
  • roles: user
  • home: //
  • contact:
  • see-also: (type: user-id)
  • see-also: (type: user-id)

found user-id grawity at

  • user-id: grawity (account information unavailable)

found user-id grawity at

found user-id grawity at

  • user-id: grawity (global 25193 via LDAP)

error: connection to aborted: (EHOSTUNREACH) No route to host

notice: background fsck complete; repaired 147 files; failed to repair 6 files

linenoise% traceroute

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1 ( 42.761 ms * *
 2 ( 1.019 ms 1.010 ms 1.206 ms
 3 * * ( 5.722 ms

Stack fault (core dumped)

warning: critical error correction rate in memory module 4, trying to disable

error: unable to disable damaged memory module; stopping system

System failure. Restarting in 3…2…1…