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Don't worry, Ma'am. I'm from the internet.
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Graymornings is a Wikipedia editor. He was involved in the McKinley assassination[citation needed], and currently teaches hammerspace physics at the Ivy-league[dubious ] Wossamotta University.

Things I like:

  • Kombucha, even though it tastes terrible
  • Linux in all its forms, though I admit it's a cult
  • Bagels with lox
  • Simplicity in all its forms
  • The prospect that somehow, someday, I will be notable enough to merit my own Wikipedia page. Some crave fame. I crave notability. It will probably be because of something stupid I do, but, hey, notability is notability.

Things I typically do in Wikipedia-space:

  • Vandalism reverts (I admit it, I'm a Lupin junkie).
  • New page patrol and CSD tagging.
  • AfD. I work on AfD noms and discussions quite a bit. I still believe that Afd is what keeps this encyclopedia going - its the sole barrier between us and the (shudder) Mudkips.

Articles I've created:

  • New geographical/architectural stubs

Articles I've improved, expanded, or rewritten:

  • Smoking jacket, completely rewrote, modified an image from an existing Commons image to accompany it
  • Harry Potter in translation, an article that deals with the various translations of the Harry Potter series and the challenges involved in translating such a work
  • Sexually-induced sneezing, saved from deletion, took it from a one-line stub to a full-fledged article. Still needs quite a bit of work, but I'm doing what I can.
  • Alexey Lyapunov, expanded/translated from Russian (originally a one-sentence stub).

A bit of philosophy: