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Greg Henderson

COI Declaration[edit]

Hi, my name is Greg Henderson. One of my hobbies includes doing research on my family genealogy. As a result, I have a conflict of interest in this area. I intend to follow best practices by asking for help, sticking to neutral language, and having other editors review my work. Thanks for your understanding and assistance! - Greg Henderson (talk) 7:40, 11 Feb 2013 (UTC)


Greg Henderson was born on July 29, 1953 in Carmel, California. He is married and has four children. Gregory is the second of five children of Alexander D. Henderson III and Patricia Ford.

Greg is a professional with 20+ years of quality assurance, automation, and testing experience. He has a proven track record triaging customer support issues and running a quality-focused team. Experience with team management, automation frameworks, and understanding the software development life cycle (SDLC).

One of Greg's major hobbies includes genealogy research. He has a website located at, dedicated to the Henderson family. This Web site attempts to trace the family genealogy starting with Captain Joseph Henderson and his wife Angelina Annetta Weaver. It also covers releated families, which include Boisot, Ford, Campbell, Gloor, Stein and other surnames. Here is a list of all surnames

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