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Feminists unite! I've helped create Portal:Feminism, and Wikipedia:WikiProject Feminism. If you're a feminist, support feminism, edit feminist articles, or just share an interest in feminism, feel free to add yourself to the category and/or edit the portal. Please help us improve the quality of feminism-related articles on Wikipedia by joining the task force! The Feminism Portal is now a Featured Portal. Thanks to everyone for working hard on the portal!
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Grrrlriot (also known as Greta) lives in the state of Tennessee in the United States. She loves Wikipedia and has edited a few articles before she finally joined wikipedia. Grrrlriot is on 4 wikis right now: anarchopedia, feministwiki, zinewiki, and Wikipedia. Grrrlriot was born on March 4,1983, which makes her a Pisces. She is currently 26 years old. Grrrlriot is single and is Childfree. Grrrlriot is an only child. Grrrlriot has several different interests and she expresses most of them in userboxes on wikipedia. Some of her interests can be shown in websites she joins, forums she's on, and on wikis she's a member of. Grrrlriot is on alot of websites and forums. Forums are also known as Internet forums. Grrrlriot runs a Riot Grrrl website and forum located here and it's currently up and running. Grrrlriot is a global moderator of and a moderator of 2 other forums. Grrrlriot is still new to Wikipedia, even though she is learning more about Wikipedia everyday.

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I am currently adopted by User:Sarcasticidealist and User:Garden. I am wanting to learn as much as I can about Wikipedia and its policies. I also want to know how I am doing on Wikipedia.