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About me[edit]

I'm a German Studies student from Birmingham, UK, currently living in Hesse, Germany. I'm generally interested in Germany and its language, science (especially physics and astronomy), music and computer games. If you have anything to say to me, you're welcome to add something to my talk page.

Why am I on Wikipedia?[edit]

Content-wise, I generally make minor or small edits to articles as I come across them, occasionally contributing more to topics relating to Germany, linguistics etc.

In addition, I often deal with semi-protected article edit requests and review pending changes to articles. I also watch Recent changes, both to pick up on vandalism quickly, and to constantly find new stuff to read...

You can see my barnstar page here.

German / Deutsch[edit]

Being a German speaker I am happy to help out with anything requiring a knowledge of the German language, including offering translations or helping out users in German. Please leave me a message in English or German at my talk page.

Ich stehe gerne zur Verfügung mit alles, was mit der deutschen Sprache zu tun hat, z.B Übersetzungen anbieten oder deutschsprachige Hilfe geben. Bitte hinterlassen Sie eine Nachricht auf english oder deutsch auf meinem talk page.

Content Rights[edit]

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I agree to multi-license my eligible text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and into the public domain. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions in the public domain, please check the multi-licensing guide.