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  • 15 December 2013 was the 8th anniversary of my first contributions to Wikipedia.

Short bio[edit]

I was born here (my parents lived here), moved to here (or thereabouts) at the age of 6 months, 6 months later to here, a year later to here, eighteen months after that to here, after another 6 months to here, where I started school at the age of 5, three years later to here and then to here, where I passed the eleven plus exam. In 1957, when the Suez Canal was impassible, I travelled on the SS Uganda via here, here, here, here, here to here, and thence to here (where I acquired my GCE Ordinary Level (United Kingdom) and my A-levels). Then a few months here, five years and a couple of degrees (this and that) here, where my tutor was this distinguished scholar and literary critic, a year each at here and here, where I collected another degree (the other) ... Then I had a nice rest - 30 years working as a librarian here, mostly on computer systems (anyone heard of Geac?) and administrative jobs. I took early retirement in 2001 and now live in central York.

My main leisure interest is opera - going to see it, listening to it, reading about it, writing or improving Wikipedia articles about it. (To date - 28 November 2014 - I've actually seen 400 different complete operas by 155 different composers in live professional staged productions with orchestra, almost all of them in Great Britain and Ireland.) My Wikipedia Username, for those who don't know, is the French version of the name of the legendary William Tell and the title-character of the opera by Gioachino Rossini.

I'm also interested in local history (specifically York and Leeds), architecture and townscape, food and drink and all sorts of other stuff.

Countries in which I've lived or spent at least one night[edit]

 England  Scotland  Wales  Ireland  Kenya  Tanzania  France
 Spain  Italy  Germany  Austria  Greece   Switzerland  Belgium
 Turkey  Portugal  USA  Russia  Netherlands  Hungary  Croatia

Intermittent current activity[edit]

Working on the The opera corpus as follows:

  • check/upgrade articles for certain important operas that I've seen:

Le comte Ory, Doktor Faust, Die drei Pintos, Ermione, Euryanthe, Der ferne Klang, Hamlet (opera), The Haunted Manor, Jérusalem, Palestrina (opera), Troilus and Cressida (opera)

  • check/upgrade articles for other operas that I've seen

Le astuzie femminili, Il barbiere di Siviglia (Paisiello), I cavalieri di Ekebù, Conchita, Demon (opera), Don Giovanni Tenorio, La donna del lago, Elena da Feltre, Elisabetta, regina d'Inghilterra, Gli equivoci, La fedeltà premiata, La fiamma, Il giuramento, Greek (opera), Griselda (Vivaldi), L'infedeltà delusa, Jonny spielt auf, Julietta, Die Königin von Saba, The Lighthouse (opera), Madame Favart, Il maestro di capella, Mirandolina, Moscow, Cheryomushki, L'occasione fa il ladro, Pénélope, La pietra del paragone, Pimpinone, Prinzessin Brambilla, Saffo, Siberia (opera), Le testament de la tante Caroline, Turandot (Busoni), La vestale (Mercadante), A Village Romeo and Juliet, Violanta, Der Widerspänstigen Zähmung,

  • create articles for the following:

Angels in America, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (opera), The Duenna (Gerhard), Eva (opera), For You (opera), Higglety Pigglety Pop!, I went to the house but did not enter, Inés de Castro (MacMillan), Into the Little Hill, Maria del Carmen, Moïse et Pharaon, ou Le passage de la Mer Rouge, Orion (opera), Playing Away (Mason), Rebecca (opera), Skin Deep, Swanhunter

Articles created or to which I've made a very substantial contribution[edit]

Google search of Wikipedia etc.[edit]

Cite Book refs[edit]




Other books on architecture, buildings, etc.[edit]

  • Beard, Geoffrey (1966). Georgian Craftsmen and their Work. London: Country Life Limited. 
  • Colvin, Howard (2008) [1954]. A Biographical Dictionary of English Architects 1660-1840 (4th ed.). New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ISBN 978-0-300-12508-5. 
  • Dixon, Roger; and Muthesius, Stefan (1978). Victorian Architecture. London: Thames and Hudson. 
  • Linstrum, Derek (1978). West Yorkshire Architects and Architecture. London: Lund Humphries Publishers. ISBN 0-85331-410-1. 


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