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Sri Lanka and Madagascar history relations?[edit]

Hi, I noticed that you're from Sri Lanka. I've made a contribution about Madagascar history (article: Andrianampoinimerina) and my personal researches point a possible origin in Sri Lanka and Malaysia for the Malagasy Merina nobility, because they brought the following elements circa AD 1200-1300,: Rajput and Jat wariors, Malay and Javanese wariors, Tamils peoples, Buddhism conception of life, planting Ficus Religiosa in their palace court, Sanskrit terms: calling cattle "jomoka" (Sanskrit gomukha), calling dogs "alika" (Sanskrit alika), calling music instrument "valiha" (Sanskrit "vaadya"), dressing in silk material, planting wet red rice in valley bottom ricefield, rice vocabulary is in Tamil, etc. we can found all of that in Sri Lankan seems like they fly away from Sri Lanka with their clan after a terrible battle. So please, if you know anything about Rajput warriors along with Malays and Javaneses wariors who fled away from Sri Lanka after a terrible battle between AD 1200-1300 tell me: it will solve some big problems in Madagascar history! Thank you in advance. Cheers: Mounblow (talk) 04:18, 17 May 2008 (UTC) (PS: I've heard that a Malay (?) Chandrabhanu from Malay kingdom of Tambralinga has conquered Sri Lanka once, then he was attacked and muredered, do you know a little about what happened to his officers and militaries after that? Thank you.. Some Merina (Malagasy) vocabularies: Lapa, Ruva: palace; cattle: jomoka/gomukha; rice: vari; dog: alika; young woman: kala; elite: sangha...Do you get the same in Sri Lanka?