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Hi! I'm Gus Polly. I don't remember when I started using Wikipedia; it was probably around the fall of 2003. I probably would have signed up for an account sooner had I realized that it was free; by that time, I had already made dozens of small edits and had created a few articles. If you see something edited by an IP starting with 209.221.24, it was probably me.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Chatham Township, Medina County, Ohio, went to Cloverleaf High School (Class of 2005), went to Ohio University for a scant eight months, then attended the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, graduated in July 2007, and now live in Rockford, Illinois, working as a master control operator at WREX-TV since November 2007.

Trivia: I share a birthday with Wikipedia. Except I'm 27, not 13.