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Much of my work on Wikipedia consists of small fixes: correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation; fixing broken wikicode; linkification and fixing misdirected links; categorization; checking fiction; stub sorting; and cleaning up after vandals. I contribute new information when and where I can, but the bulk of my contributions are janitorial in nature.

I'm a member of WikiProject Webcomics, WikiProject Comics, and WikiProject Professional wrestling. I haven't been very active with them in a while, however.

More about me[edit]

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(mostly copied from my LJ userinfo)

I'm Garth W. Wallace, also known as "gwalla" online. I'm 27, male (some people get confused by that "a" in "gwalla"), and working as a temp for the United States Department of State at the San Francisco passport agency. Despite my Berkeley upbringing, I went to college at the University of Southern California.


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I've been into webcomics since about 1999 or so, although I've been a fan of comics since long before that. I stumbled across the first User Friendly collection in the USC bookstore's computer science section, and was susprised that O'Reilly published a book of cartoons. I read it, loved it, bought it, and discovered that it came from online. This led to a lot of time spent in the computer labs. Through a crossover, I discovered Sluggy Freelance, then through Sluggy and its publisher Plan 9 Publishing I discovered some others, and it just ballooned from there. At one point I was reading something like 20 webcomics regularly. I was around for the beginning of Keenspace. I was also an early supporter of Joey Manley's Modern Tales family.


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I have been an oper on the Nightstar IRC network. I used to hang out in #itswalky!, #warpzone, #talkaboutcomics, and #nightstar, and occasionally joined #webcomics, #puroresu, and #progrock. I haven't been on IRC much lately though.


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My musical tastes are eclectic, and tend towards the obscure. I'm into prog rock, especially when that implies more avant garde stuff. I'm not so into the "big six" (or whatever) groups, aside from King Crimson and some Gentle Giant: Yes (before they went pop) is growing on me, but Genesis (before they went pop) and ELP leave me pretty cold. My favorite band is probably Magma, from France. Jazz fusion, "downtown" jazz (a la John Zorn), zeuhl, and harder-edged prog get me going. I also like a lot of electronic (especially jungle/drum and bass), J-pop, West Coast "cool" jazz, and other stuff. I find modern (as in 20th century & beyond) "classical" fascinating—Bartok is my favorite composer, along with Stravinsky, but I also like Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, and Alan Hovhaness. Unusual rhythms, meters, and especially harmonies will usually get me to sit up and take notice.

Japan and martial arts[edit]

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I'm a bit of a nipponophile. Ever since I was small I wanted to visit Japan. I've been an anime fan since Robotech was on the air, and a manga fan since my parents used to pick up issues of Urusei Yatsura and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind at the comic shop. I took Japanese in college, although I didn't get very good grades. In college I got involved in Tomiki Aikido, and I'm currently a 2nd dan.

language and conlanging[edit]

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I started conlanging in high school while taking Latin, and rediscovered the hobby online in college. My conlangs tend to be involved in world-building projects intended for use in fiction, although I have yet to get one anywhere near the appropriate level of usability. I have a lot of fun with grammar and phonology, but I get bogged down when it comes to making words for the lexicon.

skepticism and religion[edit]

I consider myself a skeptic and "hard" agnostic, the latter meaning I have essentially ruled out the possibility that any organized religion could be literally true but do not believe that there is enough evidence to make an informed decision between atheism and deism. Although I'm not religious, I find religion (especially esoteric religion, early Christianity, and Gnosticism) interesting in an academic sense. I despise pseudoscience.

Things I've done[edit]

  • major expansion to Tod Browning
  • lots of copyediting, link fixing, wikicode fixing, categorizing, etc. in various articles

Articles I've started[edit]

Images I've provided[edit]


Current projects[edit]

These are things I tell myself I'm going to work on. My follow-through has been less than stellar, however.

To research and expand:[edit]