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The correct title of this article is User:gws57. The initial letter of the username is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

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Hi, I'm gws57. I have been a Wikipedia editor since January 20, 2005. I seem to spend most of my time on Wikipedia editing articles having to do with the history of the Chicago Great Western Railway. I'm proud that my creation, Winston Tunnel, was listed as a Good article, and that the article on Chicago's Grand Central Station that I've done extensive work on was also listed. I have also made significant edits to articles about Metra, and Illinois railroad history in general. It should be noted that none of this has anything to do with my professional historical interests; this is all strictly a hobby for me. I make more-than-periodic edits to articles about Illinois geography, towns, and roads. Look at my userboxes to learn more about me.

Pages I've created[edit]

(Articles in Bold are ones I helped work up to "Good" article status.

CGW History[edit]

CGW Presidents[edit]


Other Chicago/Illinois Railroad Articles[edit]

Other Articles[edit]

Significant Contributions, and other pages I keep my eye on[edit]

(@ - Grand Central Station (Chicago) was the Selected Article on the front page of the Trains Portal for Week 33, 2006.)

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