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I have been editing Wikipedia since 2003. My watchlist seems to consume most of my mainspace time, but I also enjoy piecemeal additions of referenced information.

I have long appreciated the Signpost, the English Wikipedia's community-edited weekly newspaper (having commended its journalist values as early as 2005 during a discussion on de:). I started contributing to the Signpost myself in 2009, and from June 2010 to July 2011 acted as its editor-in-chief. I still co-edit its monthly report on recent academic research about Wikipedia, which is also published separately as the Wikimedia Research Newsletter.

More Meta

Other material about Wikipedia and related topics:

In July 2011 I started working as a contractor for the Wikimedia Foundation, supporting movement communications, and became a regular employee in May 2012. See also my work account. Although I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, contributions under this account are exclusively in my individual, personal capacity.

I was known as "User:High on a tree" from December 2003 to June 2008, when I changed my user name to "HaeB" ("High on a tree" initialismized in German) for consistency with my nick on de:, and to save bandwidth ;-)

I was a CheckUser on de: from July 2006 until October 2011 (I decided not to run for reelection after starting to work for WMF). I am also active on Commons.