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Eo fÁLu PuRtUgUêxXx, AxXxIm kMu tDx eLeXx aKi!

My name is Jason Ham, I live in Canada and I'm 16 years old. I don't know that much compared to all you smart folk here editing on wikipedia but I'll contribute whereever my help is needed. I am 100% Chinese, which is why many people have a WTF reaction on their faces when I tell them I can speak the languages that I do (mainly Spanish and Portuguese), without being able to speak Chinese myself. My grandparents immigrated from China to the Philippines, and my parents immigrated from the Philippines to China, so I ended up speaking less Chinese than most Chinese kids my age. Nevertheless, I take a great interest in Chinese culture, along with linguistics, punctuation marks, the Philippines, Filipino literature, and the many music genres that I listen to, namely rap, hip hop Tuga, sertanejo, reggae, reggaeton, among others. In Portuguese Wikipédia by username is Presuntinho, just in case you ever need to contact me.

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