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I am an author in the field of Quality Management, Organisational Culture and the relationships between various management disciplines, including knowledge management, process management and people management areas.

My former Alma Mater is the University of Melbourne and Latrobe University (does that make it Alma Maters?), however in modern times I am a visiting professor at Nottingham Trent University and at UBIS where I teach MBA students in the above topics.

Wikipedia can produce good results but I clearly detect a pro - USA bias in some articles. This can be corrected if sufficient English language editors from non US countries get involved in a fair and equitable way. There is also the usual political motivations by some editors, this can be both positive and negative (as I am finding out).

Articles edited[edit]

While I could edit many more pages I have an interest in, I restrict myself to pages on topics that others consider me to be an expert on.

My Licensing policy[edit]

I publish many items under the GNU Free Document License.

At the same time I copyright work that I do not wish the major consulting houses to steal (and I have been a victim of that).