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BioTrust Nutrition is nutrition company that develops and distributes nutritional supplements. BioTrust Nutrition is virtual company based in Austin, Texas, and currently employs over 120 employees throughout the United States.[1] BioTrust is a co-employer with Insperity, which provides human resource services to small and medium-sized businesses.[2]

Company History[edit]

BioTrust Nutrition was co-founded in August 2012 by Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion.

BioTrust CEO Josh Bezoni is a certified nutritionist, author, and philanthropist. Bezoni graduated from the University of Central Iowa (Central College) with a degree in biology while fulfilling his pre-med requirements. [3]

Bio Trust co-founder Joel Marion graduated from The College of New Jersey with dual degrees in exercise science and health education. He is a Certified Sports Nutritionist [4] and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.[5][6] In 2001, Marion won the EAS Body-for-Life challenge, a well-known annual physique transformation contest.[7]

Charitable Efforts[edit]

Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion have partnered BioTrust with several notable non-profit organizations, including Make-A-Wish® and No Kid Hungry®.[8] BioTrust is a Corporate Advocate of for Make-A-Wish®,[9] a member of the Make-A-Wish® Central and South Texas Donor Society,[10] and was named the top contributor to the Make-A-Wish® Central and South Texas for the 2013 calendar year. BioTrust matches customer donations to Make-A-Wish®. [11]

As of December 2013, BioTrust had provided over 240,000 meals to hungry children in America through its partnership with No Kid Hungry®. [12]


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