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Hello and welcome to my userpage, which has never really been designed, but just grew. Most of the stuff further down is just links or information I might want to refer to, since it's so easy to click my username at the top and find myself here.

About me

  • My mother tongue is British English
  • My interests include music, environmental issues, art, travel
  • I like working on disambiguation and list pages...


Part of a band pass filter
  • no person is boring – boredom is your own fault
  • spread a little happiness, start a chain reaction
  • people treasure appreciation – be generous

Favourite quotations:

  • the greatest success is to help others to succeed; the greatest blessing is to bring blessings on others
  • make sure your words are soft and sweet – you may have to eat them tomorrow
  • The only thing men learn from history is that men learn nothing from history.” (Hegel)
  • The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking out new landscapes but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust)
  • Add life to your days – not days to your life

Some pages I've created[edit]

83 articles: Appian Publications & Recordings, Nordic Council Music Prize, Nordic Music Prize, "Seals, Georgia", Viktor Jansson, Như Quỳnh (singer), Circomedia, Børre Sæthre, Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe Pichi-Sermolli, Yutaka Inagawa, Majorelle Blue, Rostrata, "Bompard, Marseille", "Arundel, New Zealand", Mary Selway, Ludwig Eduard Theodor Loesener, Peter Ingwersen, Costello Tagliapietra, William James Blacklock, Thomas Bidgood, Jiří Hudec (composer), William Kelly (New Zealand politician), Ann Paludan, Sibu (crater), Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg, Château Lagrézette, Jaakko Tähtinen, Linard Gonthier, Roger Gonthier, Bun Sruth, Port Stoth, Beltwood House, "Applegarth, North Yorkshire", Léon Azéma, Agénor Azéma de Montgravier, "Topley Landing, British Columbia", Hótel Búðir, Tanga (currency), Jürgen Rost, Strome Park, Richard Yemm, Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, Baluan Sholak, Baluan Sholak Sports Palace, Ion Miu, Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson, Edmund Fisher, Charles Dennis Fisher, Christabel Cockerell, Hreppur, Hraunhreppur, Björn Hjörtur Guðmundsson, Borgarhreppur, Bent Sørensen (physicist), Ross Piper, Patricia Lake (Wisconsin), Monika Rost, Yegindybulak, Dipendu Biswas, Henry Furneaux, Norðurárdalshreppur, Stafholtstungnahreppur, Borgarfjarðarbrú, Gunung Lambak, Edgar Wilson Award, Michel Ory, Walter Shaw Sparrow, The Quiet Garden Trust, Ponsonby Ogle, Saint Menefrida, Slwch Tump, Long Sukang Airport, Torleiv Bolstad, Katja Pettersson, Gerhard Tausche, Chan Lake Territorial Park, CNTRL: Beyond EDM, Angelo Italia, Edgar Middleton, International Facility for Food Irradiation Technology, Mánnu, Paradise Lake (Quebec), Paradise Lake (Washington)

Some pages I've worked on[edit]

Miodrag Petković, Azzedine Alaia, Toe socks, Worpswede, Thierry Mugler, Như Quỳnh, Camping Gaz, Nick Kamen, Ba'kelalan, Gollaprolu, Sala, The Golden Filter, Coronatus, Diogo Abreu, Amaro Macedo, Esther Applunius, Sergio Rossi, Loro Piana, Random Quest, "Centennial, California", Penelope Tree, Zoe Mendelson, Han Jin, Javad Yasari, Arthur Sarkissian (artist), Premier Hazard, Rozenkwit, Bernard Reder, Ani Batikian, Marilyn Gambrell, Lucy Skaer, Natasha Barrett (composer), "Longford, Tasmania", Dimitri Uzunidis, Cell culture, "St James' Church, Warter", Albert Henry Ross, Bule Naipi, Janet Meakin Poor, Selborne, Susana Walton, Zimei, Dirk Heidemann, Nagai Sriram, William Thomas Jennings, Frederick Flatman, Saxon Shore Way, William Colston, Ivan Rijavec, Patricia Brooks, Sarah Kay (poet), Georgi Tenev, Edwyn Gray, Quarff, Nick Fowler, Por-Bazhyn, Yuri Rost, Eva Gray, Biohydrogen, Albert Joseph Moore, Charles Bell Birch, Milunka Savić, Koyandinsk Fair, Treasures of the Snow, Annelie Pompe, Pınar Köksal, William H. Brackney, Paul A.G. Stewart, Jacobus Cornelis Gaal, Mian Wada, Laslo Sekelj, Langay, George Bugg (1769-1851), P. T. Chandapilla, Tofifest, Stan Whitmire, Urna Chahar-Tugchi, LRG Treloar, Long Banga, Shane Neilson, Pryse Lockhart Gordon, Florence Violet McKenzie, Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, William Blanchard (comedian), Easaval, César Barbosa, William Lyall, Chu River and Han Street, Liangzhu Culture Museum, Celestino, Nectarius of Digne, Patric Curwen, Knud Karl Krogh-Tonning, Peltos whistle-stop, City Chapel London, Cassoeula, Aldemaro Romero Jr., Christian Initiative Romero, Louise Shropshire, St Antony's Church, Kanjiracode, Eltjon Valle, Valaparla, Jef Geys, Nils-Åke Hillarp, Roger Boutet de Monvel, Rick McFarland, Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust, Ari Brynjolfsson, Kelmė Manor, J. L. Dillard, Gerard Van Helden, YAP1, Émile Renouf, Frederick Douglas Miller, Neiman Mikhail Samoilovich, Julianne Pierce, Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Custom_Modules, The Herring Era Museum, Yvette Mattern, Nathalie Morin, Shilan Ozcelik, Emma Baron

My bookmarks[edit]

Some useful tags


In translated articles from other language editions of the Wikipedia, use this template in the External links section of articles to cite the original sources that the article was translated from. Example:



Gives a list of links to species disambiguation pages. Example:

{{Species abbreviation|princeps}}


The Authority control template should be placed after the external links section and navigation templates, right before the Persondata template:

{{Authority control|GND=118813250|LCCN=n/79/63767|VIAF=97113511}}

See: Template:Authority_control for the template.

Fill in data from VIAF and encode the LCCN numbers like this:

  • "n 79063767" → "n/79/63767"
  • "nr 79022889" → "nr/79/22889"
  • "no2010136878" → "no/2010/136878"

Template also includes parameter SELIBR for authority data from the National Library of Sweden.



All pages with titles containing "Senseless"


To retrieve the most recent archive of a page from the Wayback Machine, use a link in the format:

(for the most recent version of

Order of optional appendices and footers[edit]


  1. Works or Publications
  2. See also
  3. Notes and/or References
  4. Further reading
  5. External links
  6. Navigation templates (footer navboxes)
  7. Persondata template
  8. Defaultsort
  9. Categories
  10. Stub templates
  11. Interlanguage links

Other languages[edit]

Putting images onto pages on Wikipedia in other languages

In place of Image: use the following

Terminology for disambiguation pages in other languages

Other users[edit]

I used to keep these in my watchlist – but some are so busy that the entries swamped the list, so I'll keep their names here:

My favourite Alt codes[edit]

(listed here because I keep forgetting them)


  • ellipsis: Alt 0133 …
  • en-dash: Alt 0150 –
  • em-dash: Alt 0151 —
  • open single quote: Alt 0145 ‘
  • close single quote: Alt 0146 ’
  • open double quote: Alt 0147 “
  • close double quote: Alt 0148 ”
  • prime (feet, minutes): Alt 8242
  • double prime (inches, seconds): Alt 8243


  • degrees: Alt 0176 °
  • bullet: Alt 0149 •
  • interpunct: Alt 0183 ·
  • 1/4: Alt 0188 ¼
  • 1/2: Alt 0189 ½
  • 3/4: Alt 0190 ¾
  • plus-minus: Alt 241 ±
  • multiply: Alt 0215 ×
  • divide: Alt 0247 ÷
  • squared: Alt 0178 ²
  • cubed: Alt 0179 ³
  • arrow: Alt 26 →

Accented letters:

  • a grave: Alt 0224 à
  • a circumflex: Alt 0226 â
  • e grave: Alt 0232 è
  • e acute: Alt 0233 é
  • e circumflex: Alt 0234 ê
  • o circumflex: Alt 0244 ô

User committed identity[edit]

Committed identity: 965f3eeedf2e711f2d3d3edd9d71ae77a4bd8c2506323a06643cb7f79978f7a227b779630d49e31c38a985062522e32ac20782252590c671b19dece534d85c10 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.