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Storm warning. (High level of vandalism.)

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Herostratus defcon2.jpg 5.9CVS / 7.0RPM according to DefconBot 20:00, 30 March 2015 (UTC) change



image tasks



stuff to watch

Immediate requests[edit]

Category Entries
Wikipedians looking for help 1
Requests for unblock 8
Candidates for speedy deletion as attack pages 1
Candidates for speedy deletion as copyright violations 16
Candidates for speedy deletion 321
Wikipedia protected edit requests 7


Category Entries
Articles for deletion 714
Templates for deletion 229
Categories for deletion 674
Wikipedia files for deletion 220
Redirects for discussion 4
Miscellaneous pages for deletion 105
Possible copyright violations 108
All articles proposed for deletion 646
Unsorted AfD debates 71
Images with the same name on Wikimedia Commons 15

Image copyright problems[edit]

Category Entries
Orphaned fair use 556
Unknown copyright status 298
Unknown source 103
No fair use rationale 108
Fair use review requested 0
Possibly unfree files 310
Rescaled fairuse files 0
Replaceable fair use images 20
Disputed fair use images 14

Page protection[edit]

Category Entries
Protected 131
Semi-protected user and user talk pages 552
Protected user and user talk pages 242
Protected against vandalism 3
Protected talk pages of blocked users 40
Semi-protected 1,476


General cleanup

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing cleanup 20,486 0.42
Articles needing rewrite 88 0
Articles needing expert attention 175 0
Wikipedia articles in need of updating 92 0

Reference problems

Category Entries Percentage
All pages needing factual verification 17,358 0.36
All articles with unsourced statements 281,645 5.81
All articles lacking sources 221,585 4.57
All unreferenced BLPs 2,398 0.34
All articles needing additional references 257,002 5.3
Wikipedia references cleanup 83 0
All articles lacking in-text citations 79,269 1.63
All articles with dead external links 137,806 2.84

Image cleanup problems

Category Entries Percentage
Images for cleanup 0 -
Images lacking a description 0 -
Wikipedia files with unknown source 92 -

Other problems

Category Entries Percentage
All articles to be merged 11,105 0.23
All articles to be split 520 0.01
Unsorted Stubs 753 -
Stub categories 13,456 -
Uncategorized pages 7 0
All articles that need to be wikified 0 0
All orphaned articles 124,886 2.58
All articles needing copy edit 2,396 0.05
All articles needing style editing 14,530 0.3
All Wikipedia articles needing context 3,248 0.07
All articles that may contain original research 14,401 0.3


Category Entries
Requested moves 245
NPOV disputes 90
Accuracy disputes 89
Articles with invalid ISBNs 1,261
All articles to be expanded 119,877




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User Infobox: Herostratus
This editor is a Tutnum and is entitled to display this Book of Knowledge.
User name Herostratus
Real name Horsey Windpump
Native country United States
Residence United States
Type Extant full frontal
Status Nominal
Mode Vague
Stance Reformed Inclusionist
Affiliations League of Copyeditors
First edit September 1, 2005
Number of edits > 13,000
Articles written 38
Project memberships
Icon paw logo.jpg This user is a member of the Pedophilia Article Watch Project
Areas of content expertise None
AfD contributions 607 + 98 nominations
AfD keep votes 32% (of which 75% kept)
AfD delete votes 68% (of which 84% deleted)
AfD nominations 80 (of which 76% accepted) + 18 procedural
XfD/DRv contributions 225
Speedies 139 tagged, 235 pulled (16 to AfD, 63 to PROD, 148 rescued, 8 other)
PRODs 73 tagged (+ 63 Speedy to PROD), 12 pulled
Articles TransWikied 205
Articles categorized 154
Article graphics drawn 15
Articles translated 6 (from the Russian Wikipedia)
Personal mini-projects
Editors welcomed 946
My logs block, deletion, protection
AfD's closed 257 (39% Keep, 38% Delete, 23% Merge and other)
Speedies deleted 1918
Untagged articles deleted 332
Graphics deleted 2228
Rollbacks 467
Essays, proposals, etc.
WP NOT EVIL Wikipedia is not evil. Or anyway it shouldn't be.
Snark! How to snark, why to snark, when to snark.
Service awards Badges for length of service.
Biographies of dead persons
Guidelines for uploading photographs
Terence I am a man. Nothing human is alien to me.
Niels Bohr The opposite of a true statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a great truth may be another great truth.
Ulysses S. Grant I will fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.
Data updated through Jan 2, 2008

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