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My blog on circadian rhythm disorders is on WordPress.
---last updated in December 2014---
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A barred owl in Ontario, Canada, in January 2005.
IMO the most beautiful photo on all of Wikipedia!
The focus is perfect, the colors delicate and the animal looks as though it were lit up from within. The facial asymmetry shows the quizzical look which many owls have. . . . . . . Photographer: User:Mdf

This user is competent in American English and Norwegian Nynorsk, and is almost as competent in the other Norwegian language, Bokmål.

This user has lived in Norway and United States, and has visited Florida Canada Scotland England Finland Sweden Denmark Austria Germany France Turkey and maybe more.
OK, so Florida isn't a country. It just feels more foreign than any of the others. So far.
Should be able to add more in 2014, ("God willin'", as they say).
In 2014: Japan



Red sky at night: sailor's delight.
Red sky in the morning: sailor take warning.
Raud himmel kveld, gjetargut har hell.
Raud himmel morgongry, gjetargut vil få bry.
Morgenrøde gir dage bløde.
Kveldsrøde gir morgen søde.
Abendrot, Schönwetterbot.
Morgenrot, schlecht Wetter droht.

" ...we're the only animal that volunteers for sleep deprivation... "[edit]

-- David Dinges at Salk Institute, 10 February 2007

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  • Circadian rhythm
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorder
  • Pineal gland




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  • This: in near darkness while their rectal temperatures are taken continuously. The average human adult's temperature reaches its minimum at about 05:00 (5 a.m.), about two hours before habitual wake time,[citation needed]
is done with curly brackets > Citation needed span | text= xxx and end with (|date=June 2011) & curly brackets, removing most of the spaces. Probably not nec to include date.
  • This:
You can make requests of this sort at Commons:Commons:Graphic Lab. User V4711, a gentleman named Victor in Boston and active participant in graphics lab, has in the past expressed interest in helping people improve health graphics and said that if people provided him translated text then he could update some graphics for use in various languages. User:Bluerasberry 15:00, 6 June 2014 (UTC)

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