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In God we trust
Sequined in the night sky,
As the stars shine,
They tell a million stories
Some of the kings
And a few of the beggars
Hosanna to beggars' family
Hosanna to the KING of kings
Hosanna in the Highest
Wir sind bettler. Hoc est verum.
Hosanna Gardens
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Born Neyyattinkara
Nationality Indian
Country  India
Languages English, Hindi, Malayalam
Time zone Indian Standard Time
Ethnicity South Indian
Race CSI/Marthomite Christian
Family and friends
Children Joel John Hosanna
Education and employment
Occupation Assistant Professor (Commerce), [Kerala Collegiate Education]
Employer Government of Kerala
Education M.Com, MFM, MCS, LLM, MBA, PGDT
High school Govt. HSS Neyyattinkara
College Govt. Law College, Trivandrum
University Kerala University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Reading; Watching movies
Religion Christian
Politics Indian National Congress
Contact info
Facebook Hosannagardens
Google+ +JenipherCarlosHosanna
LinkedIn Jenipher Carlos Hosanna
Account statistics
Joined Mar 24, 2014
First edit Mar 24, 2014
Edit count 800+

Hi, I’m Jenipher Carlos Hosanna, Assistant Professor in Commerce subject in Henry Baker College (affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam), Melukavu, Kottayam, Kerala, India. I also have an account at the Commons.

We, 'Hosanna Gardens' family laughed sincerely, cried secretly and loved unconditionally. We are soft-hearted people. We forgive again and again till the end of our lives because we’ve beautiful hearts. We are strong - rejoicing in who we are, complete with imperfections, bowing a perfect God. One day when we came to the end of our lives, we found the beginning of God. We have enemies as we stood for peaceful living. As God has a purpose for our pain, a reason for our struggles and a reward for our faithfulness, we don’t give up and here we are.

O God Almighty, this is our prayer - we don’t ask you to make our lives easier, but we ask you to give us the strength to face all our troubles. Hold us in our darkest moments to shine as stars. Let our difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Give us Lord a peaceful living. We know that our home is in heaven. We are just traveling through this world.


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Henry Baker College

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Photograph Contributions[edit]

Christ Nagar Residential Area in Neyyattinkara Town
Christ Nagar in NTA Town
CSI Thozhukkal in NTA Town
Kamukincode Valiyapalli St. Mary's Church (founded in 1847), Neyyattinkara Town
Vellarada Kurishumala (Vellarada Holy Cross Hills)
Christ Nagar Residents' Association in Neyyattinkara town
Diocese of Neyyattinkara
Bus Stand (KSRTC), Neyyattinkara
St. Therese's Convent Girl's Higher Secondary School, Neyyattinkara
Unfinished Cave Temple in Vizhinjam [South-West side of NTA Town, constructed by the rulers of the Ay kingdom (857-885 AD)]
Sreekrishna Swami Temple, Neyyattinkara Town founded by Marthanda Varma in 1775
CSI Amaravila in NTA Town
Foundation Stone of HB College, Melukavu, Kottayam
Inauguration stone of HB College, Melukavu
Foundation stone of C S I Town Church, Christ Nagar, Neyyattinkara, laid on 20th July, 2014 (the latest CSI Church in NTA town)
United Christmas Celebrations in Neyyattinkara town in December 2013
United Christmas Celebrations & Fellowship 2013
United Christmas Fellowship CSI Thozhukkal, 2013 in Neyyattinkara town
Christ Nagar Easter Fest April 2014 in Neyyattinkara town
Christmas Crib (2013) in Christ Nagar, NTA
Onam Celebrations in NTA town, 2014

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