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About Me

Hi! My name is Šarūnas, I'm from Lithuania. Here at Wikipedia I use Spanish username Hugo.arg. I'm mostly active at Lithuanian Wikipedia where I have started my work at 2006 and already have done more than 90.000 edits and have written more than 10.000 articles. I write mostly about Geography (rivers, lakes, places of the world), History, Ethnology, Religions, Music, Culture in general. Also I'm an active user of Samogitian wikipedia where I also hold a bureaucrat status. I like to help developing Wikipedias in minority languages, especially from Latin America and Russia. With a kind help from es:Ateneo de lengua y cultura guarani I develop a Guarani Wikipedia project. My English isn't very good so I'm not very active here, just sometimes fix small errors or edit articles about Lithuania.

Also I love making pictures for Wikipedia! I have traveled almost all Kėdainiai district by bicycle to make a photos of local villages, rivers, pounds, other landmarks. At these photo-expeditions I have traveled more than 750 km! It's pity that Wikimedia Lithuania doesn't exist and there are no possibilities to get some support to make better photos from wider area...

Now I study Indology at Vilnius University. Main academic interests: Atharvaveda (did some translations into Lithuanian) and Vedas in general, Vedic Sanskrit, Aryan migrations, Indus Valley civilization, Shaktism (especially, cult of Kali).


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About me

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