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From Hugo aka John: Hugo999 03:31, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

As a retired Electrical/Telecom Engineer in Wellington, New Zealand, I may contribute to some items on telecommunications and electric (rail) locomotives, but so far I have mainly contributed to:

Transport: Trams in New Zealand (to split from Trams in Australasia). Most of the NZ part is about Christchurch, so there is some filling in needed for other centres. Also Rail transport in Fiji, done (including Trams).

Railways, some stubs (each with reference to a book about the line) about lines which were missing an article. Will do one about the ED electric locomotive too as I used to see them in Wellington en route to school. Also Funiculars, private funiculars to add.

Military: The Second Boer War (Siege of Kimberley) and the Victoria Cross, particularly the pages on New Zealand VC-winners and on the New Zealand (Land or Maori) Wars. Also Bletchley Park - the fascinating British codebreaking establishment.

New Zealand Political: particularly those relating to politicians who are Leaders of the Opposition (say) with a box (former/next) at the bottom. So I have added various new stub pages for some politicians to complete some series, with information from the ‘New Zealand Parliamentary Record 1840-1984' by J. O. Wilson. This gives the full name, the parliamentary seat(s) held and the year of birth/death, so an accurate political stub can be written with their basic details, and they can be distinguished from others with the same name e.g. Charles Brown x2 from Canterbury and Taranaki.

I created new articles on James C. Marshall ((2015) and Kenneth Nichols (2007) about the first and second District Engineers of the Manhattan Engineer District as apart from Leslie Groves engineers seem to have been overlooked for their contribution to the Manhattan Project.

My sandbox: /Sandbox

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