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My home is currently 06:01 PM.

I am Revi. My homewiki is Korean Wikipedia, and I usually contribute here, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata. The safest way to contact me is using keybase. If you have anything to say, please go to User talk:Hym411 for English Wikipedia things, and commons:User talk:Hym411 for Wikimedia Commons things, (mainly File moving question), and d:User talk:Hym411 for Wikidata (interwiki centralization) things.

Note that I own User:Revi and I am administrator on Wikidata and Korean Wikinews, and Wikimedia Commons. I am reviewer, rollbacker and education program online volunteer here.


Transcluded from User:Hym411/articlelist:

Article Date created Notes
OpenNet (organization) Draft on 20 December 2013, passed AFC process on 5 January 2014 This is my first article in English Wikipedia. Well, I was not familiar with enwiki policies and guidelines at the moment, so I used AFC process to make it sure.
KD Transportation Group 7 January 2014 Some translation from Korean Wikipedia.
NeoTrans Co. Ltd. 10 January 2014

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