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User:Ich in high school.

Ich was born during the Reagan administration. He has been a Linux user since 2004, and has used SUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian GNU/Linux. Most of his edits have to do with German subjects, in particular stuff to do with music from the 1960s onward. He is too lazy to put anything else that is terribly interesting here. He chose the username "Ich" because it means "I" in German and it was available. He can speak German with almost no accent and uses the username "ichvonen" when editing the German Wikipedia because "Ich" was taken there. He currently lives and works in New York City.

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Gzuckier saw fit to give me this for adding {{spoiler}} to Genesis.
For having really sweet hair. Dylan 03:16, 1 January 2007 (UTC)


Some pages I created, contributed to, or found interesting. Much of the work I've done has been translating pages from German.

This user is a translator from German to English on Wikipedia:Translation.
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My textual edits are public domain.
PD-icon.svg I claim no copyright on any textual edits I make to any Wikimedia projects, because using a GNU license for trivial edits is a stupid idea. This applies retroactively.