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Music editor, occasional GA reviewer, third-time Wikipedian
WP:BOLD is where it's at.

About me

A twenty-something university student from Dublin, Ireland who does a bit of everything from journalism to on/off sound engineering… oh, and then there's Wikipedia. Qualified sound engineer, journalist, radio producer and web designer. And all that academia aside, I love the way she said LA, abide, freewheel, FLAC it up and kick back to My Bloody Valentine, Warpaint, Richard D James, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Hole. Damn fine fan of David Lynch too.

My work

Most of it is music-related but it's not limited to just that. Music articles, discography/award lists and musician BLPs are my strongpoint but I'm expanding into film, television and Irish history.

Contact me

Hit me up on my Idiotalk or feel free to drop me a line at my personal e-mail.