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| ImminentImmelmann |[edit]

Imminent Introduction[edit]

I'm a Wikipedia user with the username ImminentImmelmann. Is that satisfactory, or too vague with a need to expand?

Outside of the internet, I'm a Journalism student with a profound love for photography/videography, and a huge passion for thrill seeking. My username descends from the 'Immelmann' element of various roller coasters around the world, with an additional word placed infront just to overcomplicate things such as pronunciation or spelling. I can be a cruel being at times.

Mainly, I contribute to articles that revolve around theme parks and roller coasters, particularly theme parks within the UK and some bits and bobs of Europe and the US of A. Vandalists of articles shall be imminently executed on my watch.

Produced Articles[edit]

Wikiproject:Amusement Parks This user is a member of WikiProject Amusement Parks.