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Articles I have created

Danger Man episodes:

What I need to do:

  • Find exact land and lagoon area of Kiribati atolls.
  • Find free space photography of Kiribati atolls (especially Banaba).
Phoenix Island Image Status
Kanton Island Yes check.svg
Birnie Island RedX.svg
Enderbury Island Yes check.svg
Manra Island Yes check.svg
McKean Island RedX.svg
Nikumaroro Yes check.svg
Orona Yes check.svg
Rawaki Island Yes check.svg
Gilbert Island Lagoon area km2
Abaiang Yes check.svg - 225[1]
Abemama RedX.svg
Aranuka RedX.svg
Arorae RedX.svg
Beru RedX.svg
Butaritari RedX.svg
Kuria RedX.svg
Maiana RedX.svg
Makin RedX.svg
Marakei RedX.svg
Nikunau RedX.svg
Nonouti RedX.svg
Onotoa RedX.svg
Tabiteuea RedX.svg
Tamana RedX.svg
Tarawa Yes check.svg - 375[1]


  1. ^ a b 375 refers to both North and South Tarawa combined.


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