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A Madagascar Pochard (Aythya innotata)
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Hello! I'm Innotata, as I've been known on Wikipedia since 2009, after the Madagascar Pochard. I'm a biology student at the University of Minnesota, and a birder. On Wikipedia I mostly edit articles about birds and other animals, and add images. You can contact me here by leaving a message on my talk page.

Some of my contributions

Recognised content

These are featured and good articles I'm a major contributor to:

Passer project

This will one day be a good/featured topic

29 articles
C-Class article Passer
Passer melanurus (2 males).jpg


Articles created

Coregonus fontanae • Cepola • Cepola macrophthalma • Coregonus albellus • Coregonus alpinus • Coregonus anaulorum • Coregonus baicalensis • Chilostigma • Palaelodidae • Alaska whitefish • Microcaecilia iwokramae • Shelley's sparrow • Kordofan sparrow • Coregonus bavaricus • Cepola pauciradiata • Haloxylon • Bloater (herring) • Coregonus hoyi • Pholidichthys • Edward Nicolls • Chilostigma itascae • Bering cisco • Vincentia (genus) • J. Denis Summers-Smith • Caleb Angas • Ixodes arboricola • Maraena whitefish • Neotamias • Abd al-Kuri sparrow • Passer predomesticus • Viktor von Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen • Notocitellus • Xerospermophilus • Paromola cuvieri • Mabeth Hurd Paige • Proctophyllodes • Lithopsyche • Scelidomachus • Aphanius mesopotamicus • Handbuch der Vögel Mitteleuropas • Emerald aphyosemion • Leo Hepp • Polygonum plebeium • Günter Luther • Inspector of the Navy • Australian bandfish • Axel Schimpf • Calton, Staffordshire • Cepola schlegelii • Martin Pfaff