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See my Ancient Egypt uploads on Wikicommons !

Hello ! I contribute exclusively on Ancient Egypt content, I am interested primarily in the Predynastic, Early Dynastic and Second Intermediate periods of Egypt, although I tend to go astray when faced with the immense task of improving wikipedia. My main current wiki works are:

  • Improving all pharaoh articles;
  • Improving articles relating to the first and second intermediate periods;
  • Egyptian pyramids project;
  • Detailed analysis of the Gebel el-Arak Knife.

I entirely agree with the philosophy of User:Emijrp/All human knowledge

Egyptian pyramids project[edit]

Pyramids are the iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt, so you would think their wikipedia articles are great right ?! Well in fact it's the opposite, most of the pyramids are only given stubs or no article at all, as if there was nothing beyond the Great Pyramid of Giza !

Here is a list of articles in serious need of work, which I will expand (anybody interested : Welcome !). Indeed, compare these articles with their German or French counterparts

Unknown-Class article = non-existent
Stub-Class article = stub
Start-Class article = start class
Good article nominee = good article nominee
Good article = good article


Could be expanded[edit]

Work done[edit]

Sphinx Amenemhat3 Budge.jpg Hyksos Sphinx award
I'm not good in speeches even in my native language, but taking the opportunity of your recent successes in making GA Amenemhat IV and most likely also Neferhotep I, I wanted to thank you for all your efforts within the late Middle Kingdom/Second Intermediate Period. -- Khruner (talk) 10:51, 21 December 2014 (UTC)


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