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My political views :)

  • Northern Ireland - I believe in a free, democratic Northern Ireland as part of the UK (as we have today). Half of my family are from NI.
  • Scotland - I am a Scottish Unionist who believes that Scotland should remain as part of the UK. I do believe that Scots should be given the chance to have more devolved powers. (Devomax).
  • British Hong Kong Hong Kong - I personally believe Hong Kong should be free to rejoin Britain as a British Overseas Territory and there-after to decide whether to become an independent state or remain a BOT.
  • Gibraltar Gibraltar - Gibraltar should be free from any Spanish imperialism by remaining a British Overseas Territory.
  • Falkland Islands Falkland Islands - Are British. Argentina, similar to Spain, are crazy.
  • European Union European Union - The UK should remain inside the EU.
  • Tibet Tibet - Should be encouraged to become an independent state by the international community.
  • Autonomous Republic of Crimea Crimea - I believe Crimea should be part of Russia yet I believe Russia was very aggressive during the Crimean Crisis (2014).
  • Israel / State of Palestine The Levant - In my opinion, I feel that the Levant should be peaceful and democratic, and that Israel's current parties in power should step down (I know this'll never happen!) I oppose all violent actions taken by Israel to secure the Gaza Strip/Palestine (and do not recognise Israel's claim over the region). To me, ISIS/ISIL are terrorists.
  • Shetland/Orkney/ The Northern and Western Isles - They should be allowed to rejoin the UK should Scotland vote to become independent and should (no matter what we vote in September 2014) be allowed to hold a referendum on leaving Scotland and the UK to become there own British Overseas Territories (as a way of freeing themselves from Separatist Holyrood rule).
  • England England - I feel that England should see more local devolved powers in all regions (ie. South-East, West Country etc.) rather than devolving England as a whole (which would be pointless as England encompasses most of the UK at parliament).
  • House of Lords - The House of Lords should be abolished as it is undemocratic.

I am a Unionist (pro-UK), patriotic, democrat from Scotland, UK and a supporter of the British monarchy.

About the Flags...

I do not recognise the nationalised, separatist "light" version of the Scottish flag (ie. Scotland) as official, and instead prefer the Unionist, navy-blue Scottish flag (ie. ). As for Northern Ireland, I use the St Patrick's cross as is the case on the Union Flag, but I also accept the Ulster Banner (ie. Northern Ireland) as being the Northern Irish flag. I also do not recognise Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong or Tibet nor do I recognise the Chinese claim on Taiwan, the Ukrainian claim on Crimea, Argentina's claim on the Falklands and Spain's claim on Gibraltar.

Other stuff

Religiously, I am an agnostic Presbyterian who believes in evolutionism (as opposed to Creationism) and scientific development. I am generally Conservative yet believe in an equality in healthcare and education (due to the fact that you cannot chose your background which is why education should not be of a higher standard if you are from a privileged background) also I am in favour of the UK remaining inside the European Union. And, I support a Welsh flag change to Saint David's Cross (ie. ) and for it to be part of the Union Flag - somehow! :P Maybe

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