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First off if you are here because you would like to reach me the best method is to use skype or email me. If you reach me at my email address I will get the message fast due to my OCD tendencies towards checking my it.

  • My Skype address is IvanTortuga
  • My email is

About me[edit]

I live in currently live in Marquette, Michigan Flag of Michigan.svg

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona Flag of Arizona.svg

I am currently a senior at Northern Michigan University and will be graduating in December 2012. My major is History and I have three minors which include English, Biology and Philosophy. Before becoming a history major I was majoring in zoology for two years. Prior to attending Northern Michigan Uni. I attended the Community College for Kalamazoo Valley where I took just three classes (one semester) before transfering. While in high school I took on a variety of course subjects much like I do now in college, including everything from theatre to IB 20th century history. I attended Portage Northern High School and graduated in May 2008. Organizations play a large factor in my academic success. I am currently the Vice-President, Photography Chairman and Co-treasurer of The Wildlife Society chapter at Northern Michigan Uni. I also am a member of the Aquatic Biologicaly Society, Pre-Med Club, Pre-Vet Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and Norwood Apartments Community Club. Off campus organizations also peak my interest and I am involved in the Sierra Club and the World Wide Fund for Nature. During high school I was the president of the Portage Northern Environmental club[1] and also attended meetings for the Philosophy club and play a large part in our schools Science Olympiad team. Oddly enough I have not had a stable job yet, as most people my age can probably say due to current economic hardships. Yet I have worked for various small companies and myself. I have previously worked for the Knowledge Generation Bureau and ChaCha both of which have no where near enough pay for the amount of work they put on their workers. Besides that I have worked as a research assistant here at Northern Michigan Uni. for a short period identifying aquatic invertebrates. I also own my own photography business and I have been published in around 18 various magazines, books and internet sources (not including areas I've donated images too).

Camera gear[edit]

  • Canon EOS 400D
  • Canon EF-S 17-55mm lens
  • Canon EF 75-300mm lens
  • Fox Macro Filter x10
  • Canon Deluxe Tripod 200
  • Hoya ND x4 Filter 58mm
  • LTL 3 Praktica
  • Pentacon auto 1.8/50 35mm
  • Hanimex TeleZoom 35mm
  • Hanimex 49mm Macro +3
  • Hanimex 49mm Polarizing
  • Hanimex X333 Flash
  • Canon A-33 Flash

My interests[edit]

For your photographic contributions to Wikipedia (and Wikimedia Commons). -- Jacob 00:36, 13 July 2007 (UTC)
This barnstar is awarded to everyone who - whatever their opinion - contributed to the discussion about Wikipedia and SOPA. Thank you for being a part of the discussion. Presented by the Wikimedia Foundation.
For IvanTortuga who has contributed greatly to Wikiproject Lepidoptera, especially the grunt work. -- AshLin 09:39, 25 August 2009 (UTC)

I like the summer because that means that I can go out to the local park, whether it be Al Sabo Preserve or Fort Custer Recreation Area. I was the leader of my high school's environmental club and I love helping the environment in any way I can; recycling, getting the word out, trying to get others to do the same and the list goes on. My Canon EOS 400D is basically my child and I get out to take pictures whenever and I mean whenever I can. Even though I want to help the environment as much possible it doesn't quite stop me from wanting to get out and see things, I don't drive within town often if ever but I often see myself driving an hour or so out to places like Warren Dunes State Park and Van Buren State Park. I recently started learning to play the didgeridoo and have achieved the "didj" noise.

To do[edit]


  1. ^ Itani, Alaa (2007-07-11). "Student club is living example of 'green' life". Kalamazoo Gazette. Retrieved 2009-04-01. 


  • Les Oiseaux Due Monde, September '09
  • Angelika Throll, Rosen, '10
  • Gardening Without Harmful Invasive Plants, '10
  • Landscaping Without Harmful Invasive Plants, '10
  • Susan Barnard, Bats in Captivity, Vol. 3, '11



Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Ethics, Russian History, Ecology & Field Biology

Northern Michigan University

Music in Society, Beginning Algebra I, Elementary Latin I, Introduction to Digital Photography, Geography of Latin America, Physical Well-being, Hiking, Graduation, Introduction to Wildland Firefighting, Introductory Biology: Principles, Introductory Biology: Diversity, Conservation Biology, Entomology, College Composition I, Technical and Report Writing, Good Books, Mythology, World Literature in English: China, Special Topics in English: Southern Ontario, Introduction to Philosophy, Issues in Computer Ethics, World Religions, History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, History of Western Civilization until 1600, World History, United States after 1875, World War II, Ancient Rome, Introduction to Museum Studies, Canadian History and Culture, The Historian's Laboratory, The History Seminar, Internship: Museums

Wish List[edit]

  • eTTL2 Underwater Housing
  • Canon RC-6 Remote Control
  • Canon MR-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite
  • Nikon Coolpix P7000

College Semester[edit]

Week at a Glance

  • HS490 The History Seminar
  • EN410 Genres in Writing - Nature Writing
  • EN385 Canadian Culture and Society Southern Ontario (Study Abroad - Stratford)
  • PL270 World Religions
  • HP252A Hiking
  • HP258A Rock Climbing

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